Its been a while since my last entry. But its summer now. YAY! I’m gonna tell you something before I attend the turn over ceremony.

This past 4 months I had the opportunity to meet a new friend, it was going well and all, but It think its reaching the end of its usable life (like my battery). Its just so sad, the feeling of losing a friends makes me bezerk. I know the hard times makes friendships stronger but sometimes it kills it.

I said earlier that its already summer and last semester was the last chance for me and my friends to make the most of anything. :( And most of them are going to transfer to another university if they had the chance. [ more sad faces :(( ] I think thats how life really works, people come and go. My mistake was investing too much love and trust to them and growing so attached even for a short period of time.

With all this I learned something about myself. I’m too sensitive, I’m a martyr and I am really a gullible person.

This is what I’m feeling now because of the things happening. Maybe it can still turn around.

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