Facebook has been bugging my e-mail’s inbox and keep putting notifications about it on the side of my News Feeds that I should join the following groups listed below, but I don’t like too many groups because I don’t like being bugged about stuffs that doesn’t concern me that much and I’m  a neat/control freak, I like things organized and is arranged to my liking. I’m not mad just a little irritated.

I decided to share it to you guys because I found some of them really funny Smile I know they are suggesting this cause many of my friends are in this groups but, it really doesn’t concern me.


•Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Freshmen AY 2012-2013
•PUP Freshmen Council
•PLM CWTS 2012-2013
•CMC Waves
•USTET Takers 2011
•PLM CWTS 2012 – 2013: Circle 4
•PLM BMC1 – 1
•1-3 Aster
•PLM FRESHmen Batch 2012-2013
•Mass Communication Students’ League (MCSL-CMC)
•UPCAT takers 2011
•FRIO (Band) Official Group
•Junior Public Relations Practitioners of the Philippines
•UE COMMUNITY [WarriorsGroup]
•Tadpoles :D


P.S. If you’re an admin or a member on one of this groups, you can add me up! Smile I’ll just turn off the notifications, I know some of these are exclusive groups soo…. Winking smile

*Need some grammar check, I’m doing this post half asleep*


I’m back!

Now I may say that I’m back blogging, that past months was like a roller coaster ride but its just that and will stay like that and maybe it’s even over.

My Facebook and Twitter, has been deactivated and reactivated for a couple of times, but I’m kind of happy now, and that phase was really over. If you still want to see them its there, just subscribe or follow.

Yesterday was so fun, it was like so symbolic that I have left it all behind. my UPGRADE is complete. hardi-har. Rolling on the floor laughing  We went swimming last night, if we cannot eat or drink we go swimming, my friend had this new phone a SONY XPERIA GO really worth mentioning.


YEAH!! Hot smile That was cool. that’s it for now.

Its been a while since my last entry. But its summer now. YAY! I’m gonna tell you something before I attend the turn over ceremony.

This past 4 months I had the opportunity to meet a new friend, it was going well and all, but It think its reaching the end of its usable life (like my battery). Its just so sad, the feeling of losing a friends makes me bezerk. I know the hard times makes friendships stronger but sometimes it kills it.

I said earlier that its already summer and last semester was the last chance for me and my friends to make the most of anything. :( And most of them are going to transfer to another university if they had the chance. [ more sad faces :(( ] I think thats how life really works, people come and go. My mistake was investing too much love and trust to them and growing so attached even for a short period of time.

With all this I learned something about myself. I’m too sensitive, I’m a martyr and I am really a gullible person.

This is what I’m feeling now because of the things happening. Maybe it can still turn around.

Merienda, Break Time, Walling?! (A days’ ender)

This day was great until MERIENDA TIME which is also our BREAK TIME.

After our class, we went out and decided to CHILL OUT somewhere. “What I know was the group decided to hang at Intramuros walls”.  When were at the Gusaling Lacson’s main entrance of them BORROWED my phone to call someone then I decided to buy a drink in the near food stall. Before going to the food stall I remember Angela say let’s meet at the wall. When I finally received my drink I look at the place where I left them and I saw nobody. I followed my instinct and head to the said rendezvous, I panicked a little because I have no way of contacting them. When walking I saw two of them at the Coop, photocopying the reading assignment. I asked them “Where is the rest of the group?” They said “We don’t know, but we think they are printing a soft-copy version of the assignment.” I said let’s go to the WALL and wait for them. So we did. Reaching our destination was a great achievement, conquering the immense heat stinging our skin and carrying the unhealthy weights of our bag. So we stood near the police station and talked a little questioning ourselves if they would come and was talking about “What if stayed at school?” talking and talking I decided to lead us tree to the nearest tree with enough shade and seats to fit us. Again, chatted for a while and black ants attacked our space and after a few minutes we decided to go back to school and stayed at the canteen and the five of the seven met there and chilled with some block-mates. I only got my phone when back when the two that we met in the canteen came and said it was wth our BC CHEM friend so I still have to retrieve it. We stayed in the walls for about for about 30 – 45 mins. When we finally head upstairs to attend our retched class. Still two were missing in our group. When the missing two entered the room an awkward feeling was felt by one the two we met in the canteen. When its time to go home, the awkward feeling was becoming strong. The ice was broken when one of the two of them said a hint on what was going on which by the time we still didn’t know until the said ice breaking happened.

When the three of us was alone. “me, and the two who were missing”  I asked what was the problem both of them relayed to me the story, that they planned a surprise MERIENDA. They said they bought 60pcs. of fish ball, a 1.5 sized coke and a Roller Coaster.

IMG-20130130-00191 Roller CoasterCoke

After they shared the story. I can understand their emotions on how they made an effort in preparing a surprise merienda and all of it was wasted. But one thing offended me and sent me wavelengths of Bad Vibes of epic proportion it was very offensive trying to make up with you and listening can be your effort to resolve all this MISCOMMUNICATION and MISUNDERSTANDING. She said “Sige, explain mo pa wala naman nakikinig sayo.” I can understand why that happen but still can you control yourself and try not being “RUDE” with your words sometimes. I can say this because I know I can say things that’s offensive and often tease my friends but I NEVER acted rude intentionally to offend my friends, I’m involved in fights most of the time but I know my faults, and what happened wasn’t entirely my fault. I had my mistakes but you shouldn’t let those words out of your mouth. That “below the belt hit” was enough to draw a line…

Now that I have let my feelings out I’m cool now. I’m really sorry for what happened and for my faults. It just felt that all of it was my fault because of what has been said… Hoooooo…  I’m really SORRY, love you guys. Hope this doesn’t change anything.


College is the most frustrating level of education for me. So going back to those moments when we’re just little kiddies is very funny now.

Do you remember the noisy list. The teacher will leave and tells someone to make a list of misbehaving classmates, and when you have a “FRIENDS” status with that somebody your already off the hook.

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This gallery shows a bit of that silliness.

My Heart was Broken by a Little Girl

I really do feel sad with the sight of that little girl. She was doing the job of an adult or teenage boys old enough for what we call in the Philippines “barter”.

She was shouting in the middle of the day, the middle of the day in the tropics is like waking in the dessert, the routes of the jeeps. What she’s wearing? A sando made to be worn inside a school uniform which is very thin and to exposing, pink shorts and flip-flops which are too big for her feet.

I saw her there and I noticed she is starting to undergo puberty I know this because I can see her developing chest, I’m not being a pervert or pedophile I’m just concern and wishes she has resources to support her development and protect her from the world she’s in.

In general for children like her, they should be taken care of, that’s the preparation stage before conquering adulthood. What about those people who wants to take advantage of them? Its so sad and it really breaks my heart.

One day when I have the stability and resources I will make a foundation to help them.

The Worst! (but fun)

I just woke up from this event and I’m already writing. :)

Well, it was reunion/Christmas party/Birthday party and it was partly successful by the way, the only problem was the place.

The place we rented was a private swimming pool owned by Tess de Asis, a councilor for the first district of Paranaque, the ad we saw showcased the place through pictures, as always pictures are better than the real thing. We’re a little disappointed of the place the pool was made with cracked tiles and the rates were outrageous.

We enjoyed the place really, we didn’t sleep and we boys made a mini version ourselves and myself was drunk..



This is what happen to my left foot because of the cracked tiles at the pool.

I almost died  5 times last night because I really don’t know hoe to swim like shit, but I really love to float. (that’s what I’m really good with)

I would really like to thank my high school friends for this especially my “samahan/tropa” next time ulit.. :0